Everywhere | Not Here


Agile Works Everywhere
Agile Won’t Work Here

  • “Agile works everywhere because it’s just values & principles.”
  • “Your complaints are weak because you don’t know enough about Agile to see how it can work (maybe you need training!)”
  • “That won’t work here because of our constraints.” (time, tech, process, doc, regulation, etc.)
  • “We tried Agile before and it failed.”
  • “Our management doesn’t support Agile values and principles.”
  • “What would be necessary for parts of Agile to work?”
  • “What are the risks of trying?”
  • “What about this org needs to stay the same/change in order for us to succeed with Agile?”
  • (Highlight a past troubled project that became successful.) “What assumptions did that team challenge before they succeeded? How is this debate like the ones on that project?”
  • (Dialogue of the risks/fears of implementing Agile, and how to mitigate them.)
  • “What parts of Agile will work here? Will they be enough to help?”
  • “I like the idea of , how can we do it in a way we can support?”
  • “Some things might need to change around here… How can we do that?”
  • “Here’s some strengths we have in the way we currently work; how can we keep those as we try Agile?”


First identified at AgileDialogs2016, further refined at Agile Coachcamp2016, published here 2017.


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