Do Agile | Be Agile


We Must Do Agile (Practices)
We Must Be Agile (Mindset)

  • “We need a standard way to do Agile.”
  • “If you’re not doing [practice], you’re not Agile!”
  • “We need something specific, not philosophy.”
  • “If you’re obsessing on a checklist of processes, you’re missing the point of Agile.”
  • “Those stupid Agile ‘purists’ make things too hard.”
  • “How can you see the practices and the mindset supporting each other?”
  • “How can we learn to get the outcomes/benefits of Agile along the way together?”
  • (Invite dialogue of their rationale: What is driving their emphasis of a particular practice/principle?)
  • “What assumptions are we making about people that may help us choose to emphasize practices or principles? How can you test those assumptions?”
  • (People begin describing how specific practices reinforce a principle.)
  • “What practices help us with the problem we are trying to solve?
  • “Some of these practices actually work together as part of a whole approach.”
  • (Discussion of what people in the organization really expect from Agile)


First identified at Agile Coachcamp2016, published here 2017.


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