Upcoming Brambles

Every day, organizations stumble into Agile Brambles. Our work is to find ways to eliminate the binary thinking that make Brambles so thorny, and give you tools to help you find paths to fruitful insights.

On this page are the seeds of upcoming Brambles that Derek and Paul are curating.

We’d love your thoughts:

  • What other Brambles have you seen occur in your organizations?
  • What are some of the Thorns (entrenched, binary positions) that you hear people take?
  • How do these get revealed? What do they sound or look like?

Curated Seeds for Future Brambles

Co-located Teams | Distributed Teams
Agile Teams are only most effective if they are co-located where they can work face to face VS Distributed Agile Teams can be just as effective as face to face

Initiated from Top-Down | Led through Grassroots Motivation
Agile transformation must have buy-in and be initiated from the executives top-down VS Agile transformation is best when led through grassroots motivation

Hierarchies | Networks
Business agility can be achieved with hierarchical organizations VS
Business agility really only is achieved using a network of teams supporting value streams

Certifications Are Meaningful | Worthless
Certifications are useful ways to differentiate individual/team/org skills VS
Certifications are no more than marketing fluff

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Brambles

      • Hi Chuck, we’d love for you to engage with us. A good start might be confirming if the Bramble is worded as you have seen it and then adding soundbites here. If you have tried a path it would be great to know what it was and whether it was successful or not. And if successful, what told you it was bearing fruit? You can just record them as comments on this page for now.

        Thanks! Derek & I look forward to your engagement!


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